Periodontitis is the leading cause of tooth loss. The most common cause of the disease is the microbial plaque that forms on the surface of the teeth and over time the well-known tartar is formed. Factors such as smoking, hormonal disorders, diabetes, and even pregnancy contribute to the worsening of the disease.
Early diagnosis and treatment of periodontitis will avoid the deepening of the inflammation in the tissues, the gradual detachment of the gums and the destruction of the bone that supports the roots of the teeth.
Prevention of periodontitis includes frequent cleaning by the dentist with the appropriate tools for proper removal of dental plaque. Proper brushing, at least twice a day, interdental brushes and flossing limit the development of dental plaque.
In our clinics, whether it is a simple cleaning or a treatment for periodontitis, we make sure that the treatments are completely painless while at the same time, we monitor the healing of the gums through an organized system of examinations.